Island Moon Gallery

Salty goings on...

Compass Roses ! Dolphins ,Mermaids, Sand dollars, Silver shells and Montana Sapphires:)

Octo love...

Montana Sapphires in the Rough, so wonderful, and look at all the colors Ahhhhhhh

A Mermaid and her Dolphin ❤️

Baking Beach Berry Cobbler, the best !

A Beachcomber design🐬

An Iconic Jewelry design.. the Dolphin Tail reimagined..

Beach and Island Love ..

Some Mermaid Money..

Beachcomber favorites 😊

Captain Crosses

Dolphin Captains Cross, Eye of the Storm

Dolphin Island Mermaids


A new idea blows in..

Run over by a "focused" Blue Heeler :)

It was a Dark and Stormy Day in the Studio :)

Compass Rose Designs

Compass Roses, "Rise Up", "Twilight" and "Following Sea" 6/19

Completed Compass Roses 6/2019

Always something new

Island Moon Jewelry components ❤️

The Mystics fav!

Pyrate Blades

Beach watch

Stella Maris

Gypsy Moon




Compass Rose


Octo and Skull Sculpture

Safe Harbor, Long Beach

Awaiting fire and coloration

Hearts of the Ocean

Stella Maris

Sculpture work

Firing today !

Mermaid bracelet

Salty Dog #1 Red Molly ❤️

Break Coach Smokey Joe !

Old Friends :)

Mermaid things....